Absolut Elyx super-premium vodka is hand-crafted in single batches
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Absolut Elyx super-premium vodka is hand-crafted in single batches

Absolut Elyx super-premium vodka is hand-crafted in single batches

Absolut Elyx super-premium vodka

Absolut is serving with the best of the vodkas since 500 years and is amongst world’s most expensive vodkas available across the globe. After rolling out vodkas like Absolut Bling or the Swarovski crystals vodka bottle, the company is yet again rolling out an amazing piece of excellence. Travel retail Pernod order Aciclovir Ricard has announced the launch of new super-premium vodka Absolut Elyx.

Produced from hand-selected estate wheat and mingled with soft and naturally filtered water, it has been developed over a period of ten years. Absolut Elyx will be rolled out in the global travel retail market during the summer and fall of 2011, and is being solely premiered in São Paulo Guarulhos, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro Galeão and Frankfurt airports buy prednisone without prescription. next day delivery, how to purchase prednisone., prednisone online kopen cheap generic prednisone generic for  buy Ventolin in July.

To create Absolut Elyx, the 100% hand-selected single-estate winter wheat was sourced putting a 1929 rectification still back into use, and superior copper catalyzation for exclusive flavor and aroma. The Råbelöf wheat provides its fruity and floral notes to the drink, but there is no order baclofen acheter, comprar order baclofen barcelona sin receta, buy online canada no prescription. trace of the price as of now.

The pure water used in vodka is filtered by nature and distillery rests on its own propecia 5mg online propecia online advair diskus price cvs buy advair diskus without prescription fluticasone without prescription natural underground springs. The water is never exposed to any kind of pollution as it is filtered through a boulder ridge and limestone bedrock. The vodka is bottled in an elite cubic version of the iconic Absolut bottle and the décor lies on the copper from the catalyzation process.

The vodka is hand crafted in purchase Lamisil single batches and is supervised by the superior craftsmen at every single stage of the process. According to Andreas Larsson, one of the experts to taste Elyx, adds:

"The color is brilliantly transparent. The nose is plentiful compare the best online pharmacies to buy viagra. order viagra online with huge discount. multiple benefits include free shipping, reorder discounts, bonus pills and ... and intense, with a lot of character, and subtle hints of vanilla and lemon, with a gentle floral touch. The palate is pure and invigorating with a silky, unctuous texture — creamy and persistent with a perfect balance and a long-lasting elegant finish."

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