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Accelerator chair spins you and your head for $1,600

Andrea Divirgilio / May 25, 2011

accelerator spinning chair

The mere idea of spinning in this chair makes me feel the vertigo, but it’s in fact designed to energize and stimulate. Designed by Jaanus Osugaar, the Accelerator chair is designed to spin rather than rock. While a rocking chair relaxes and puts you at ease, the Accelerator spinning chair spins to offer you a playful, stimulating ride. The chair has six balls inside the base for the spins and a pair of built-in hand straps to keep you from falling out.

The vibration from the spinning of the metal balls inside awakens your spirit and renews your cells. The inspiration for the spinning chair comes from the CERN accelerator. The Accelerator spinning chair, which seems fun for both kids and adults, will set you back £990 ($1,600). That sounds too much for spins…what say you?

Via: Gizmodo/OhGizmo/IfItsHipItsHere

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