Action Mobil’s Globecruiser expedition vehicle for manly camping

Andrea Divirgilio / October 17, 2008

action mobil 1 DLr5k 48
Camping requirements have grown just a little more diverse. If you want your family and friends to take pleasure in the great outdoor expeditions, you need to have a look at Action Mobil’s new Globecruiser. The comfy beast, which is based on the MAN TGA 6×6 platform, will kinda shatter the poor roads on the move. Designed for adventure seekers, the Globecruiser model gets its power from a 783ci turbodiesel engine that pumps out a very respectable 388 kW. The 4 x 240W solar system supports the batteries and LPG tanks. Other features include heated air-suspension seats and satellite systems that help you in case you are lost somewhere in the wild. The two fuel tanks can store 219 gallons and yes, the refill cost is going to make you tight-lipped. One refill will set you back a cool $800. Forget the refill costs; the Globecruiser itself carries a stocky price tag of €490,000 (US $670,000), not much for a MANly drive. More shots after the jump.

action mobil 2 ccqGa 48action mobil 3 HZyPS 48action mobil 4 RoDqj 48

Via: Squob

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