Add more thrill to water sports with electric personal watercraft

Andrea Divirgilio / May 20, 2010

green samba 1

If you live in a place that is more water than land, you obviously know what to make out of waves. Since, you have experienced the thrill of extreme sports such as surfing and waterskiing, it’s probably a good idea to have a little maritime experience with this “Green Samba” personal watercraft (PWC). Developed by by Ohio-based Silveira Group, the Green Samba adds sustainability to the thrill of stirring water sports with its 65mph top speed on a noiseless twin direct drive electric propulsion pods. Fueled by onboard batteries, this zero-emission PWC produces 260bhp without releasing any hydrocarbons. Expected to set for testing later this year, the Silveira Group has plans to customize it for marine research, environmental and other groups with particular needs.

green samba 2

Via: Gizmag/Uber Gizmo

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