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ADM Shipyards launches 141-meter “Yas” superyacht to compete with the world’s largest yachts

Andrea Divirgilio / December 2, 2011

The Swift 141 yacht, which is now being known rechristened as the ‘Yas’ super yacht, has finally been launched by Abu Dhabi based ADM superyacht to compete with the largest there is. Measured at 141 meters (462.5 ft approx), this superyacht is based on modern technology and design, combined with the availability of ample space for 60 guests and 56 members of the staff. Sources reveal that the vessel has been commissioned by a member of the Saudi royal family.

ADM Shipyard's YAS yacht

A lot is being already revealed for the yachts design, which includes the primary expertise of France based Piereejean Design who have handpicked the best of subcontractors, designers, and suppliers for this spectacular vessel. Some cues are also known to have been borrowed from an UAE navy frigate, which adds security and ruggedness to the yacht. Inside the yacht, there is going to be all modern and high-tech equipment for guest and owner’s enjoyment, including the audio-visual equipment known to be one of the best around. Certain parts like the doors have been made with carbon fiber, thus reducing weight. The ever prominent glass panels for the windows especially, add to aesthetics, as well as play a vital role in the temperature management of the interior.

ADM Shipyard's YAS yacht

Apart from that, there is an eco-friendly fuel based engine will empower the yacht to reduce carbon print, without compromising on experience. The top speed is known to be in the region of 20-26 knots, which might be significant for the yacht, stated to be the 6th largest in the world now. Other hi-tech gadgets will include the SATCOM (satellite communication system), long-range underwater SONAR, and the night navigator used for when sunlight isn’t the most intense outside.

We hope to get more glimpses and details of the superyacht soon. But for yacht enthusiasts, we suggest the IPI 12 superyacht and the Charlie Baker E-Yacht as examples of what we could see in the times to come.

ADM Shipyard's YAS yacht

Via: Superyachts/ Yacht Forum/ Charter World

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