The Adsum Detonator bookshelf speaker for sonic boom

Andrea Divirgilio / April 6, 2013

Getting the optimal audio experience within a limited space, is truly quite the daunting task, but the world audio technology has been kind to the most discerning customers. The 25togo concrete speakers, Bowers & Wilkins PM1, or even the Cue Acoustics PS1 have managed to satisfy the audio experience of those who have been able to afford them. But for those who would fancy having a blast while listening to music or watching a movie, the Adsum Detonator bookshelf speakers take experiences to another level of sonic boom. The Alberta based company, whose name means ‘I am here’ in Latin, has come with the mission of making the buyers of products feel as if they are there at the location from the sounds are emerging. However, due to the creative new shape, they will perhaps be grabbing attention of those who wish to have a true ‘blast’ of an experience each time.

Adsum Detonator speakers

The best thing about the Adsum Detonator speaker is the compact form factor, which gives the flexibility to place them virtually just about anywhere the user pleases. With the option for picking from more than 7 distinct finishes, the aesthetics of the surrounding areas can be kept in mind before buying these speakers. Most of them are high gloss paint finishes, which mean that eye appealing factor is certainly high on quality as well. In order for the unique shape, the tweeter and bass unit have been placed separately.

Adsum Detonator speakers

Speaking of the technological prowess, the Detonator speakers sport 2-way passive radiators, coupled with Magnesium/ Aluminum cone 100mm woofers with shielded bass for mid-range sounds. The tweeter in each speaker is a 19mm dual ring radiator, fixed alongside its 100mm coated paper cone passive radiator, which are 2 in all. The frequency response for such compact speakers is great too; they range between 65Hz and 40 Khz, putting in the league with the ‘big guys’ almost. The recommended power input sources ought to be ranging between 20 and 120 Watts. All of this, and the price tag for a pair is $800, apart from any fancy design one may choose to pick.

UPDATE: The $800 price is for a pair.

Via: Adsum Audio

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