AeroPad Two: iPod, iPad & iPhone Dock Speaker by Jarre

Andrea Divirgilio / April 29, 2012

When we saw the term AeroPad and Jarre in one common sentence, we had a strong inkling it was going to be another invention in the space of designer docking stations for Apple products. After the After the custom made AeroDream One, and AeroSystem One by Lalique, Jarre makes the AeroPad Two, suited perfectly well for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Using Bamboo for creating its horizontal body, this accessory will add more than just utility of charging and amplifying your audio content; it jazzes up your room interiors too! Priced at $926 (€699) a piece, it gives a slightly larger group of people a chance to jazz up their spaces, until of course most expensive docking stations are the only things to please one’s fancies.

AeroPad Two docking speaker

The bamboo used in construction brings to light, the latest craze amongst the luxury segment which sees this particular fabric as the ideal one for applying much creativity. Not only it is just more eco-friendly, it also makes for very convenient crafting and customization, including etching new designs or simply painting it to one’s imagination. In this case, the Aero Pad Two carries the ‘au natural’ look, which shall appeal to the nature lovers. There is also the option of taking the black and chrome edition which appears more chic.

AeroPad Two docking speaker

Technically speaking, the device boasts of the 30pin docking port, auxiliary input slot for a 3.5mm jack, 4-speaker sound output system, where each unit has 30W RMS each, along with a subwoofer of 80W RMS. For those looking to integrate other devices, there is the USB port which can take in WMA, AIFF, WAVE, & MP3 inputs. On the whole, it sums up as quiet the buy if you are looking at a new summer season shopping list.

AeroPad Two docking speaker rear view

Via: Hiconsumption/ Jarre

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