After the iCon Bed, Hollandia comes up with the iLight Bed

Andrea Divirgilio / January 18, 2011

hollandia ilight bed

Luxury sleep systems designer Hollandia International and the American mattress maker Therapedic have once again joined hands for a new concept in bedding – the iLight Bed. The innovative bed lets you experience color through the power of light, as the iLight Bed changes the whole ambiance of the room with the touch of a button. Set to make its debut at the Las Vegas Market this month, the iLight Bed boasts a color-changing LED light system built right into its headboard, docking stations for iPads, iPhones and iPods, a 250-watt amplifier, two premium Morel speakers, two adjustable arms on the headboard sides and Hollandia’s Platinum-Luxe adjustable mattress system. Hollandia CEO Avi Barssessat said…

The bedroom is no exception, and in fact presented us with a perfect opportunity to bring to market an unprecedented offering with the iLight. The design delivers the best in technology and comfort materials available in the market today, but goes the extra step with enormously fun color and light features – a first for the bedding industry.

The headboard, featuring an upholstered curved design, can be ordered in 3,000 elegant colors and fabrics. The touch of a button changes the light among green, red, blue or white to create an enticing and relaxing atmosphere inside your bedroom. Therapedic President and CEO Gerry Borreggine said…

Hollandia has built its business on the philosophy, ‘Let’s Stay in Bed,’ and really knows how to bring the fun factor into the bedroom. This latest design is the perfect example.

Pricing for the colorful, invigorating iLight Bed starts at $18,000.

Via: FurnInfo

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