Airbus unveils world’s largest corporate jet cabin

Andrea Divirgilio / September 16, 2011

World's largest corporate jet cabin

With demand for private jets on the rise, there has been a corresponding surge for customized interiors, with greater luxury, and of course modern designs too. Just basic seating comfort doesn’t seem to cut it anymore, and a theme like ‘accommodation on the move’ seems to be the current mood. Airbus, a veteran of 170+ corporate jets, has unveiled the world’s largest corporate jet cabin that provides all that one might need in a modern day professional setup.

The cabin has been fitted on the Airbus ACJ 318 aircraft, and a luxury charter services is currently being rendered by Comflux, through whom one can hire the aircraft to experience this ‘office in the skies’. Amenities aboard include the 2 convertible bedrooms and attached bathrooms, lounge-cum-dining-cum meeting area with LCD Television, with designer leather sofas and convertible tables. The lounge also features a service station, which could be useful during the dining meets. Not to forget, are the multiple plug points for your electronics at various parts of the cabin. All of this and more is spread over an area of close to 800 sq ft which can be equated with a studio apartment on a realistic estimate. Hence, the capacity for accommodation of guests apart from crew members is 19 at given time which means a sizeable get-together in the skies isn’t a far-fetched thought anymore. So, if you are a part of the jet setting well-paid bunch of executives, you could put this cabin on your next corporate shopping list.

The cabin was recently put on display at the Jet Expo in Moscow, which gave visitors an experience of what it could be like, abroad the Airbus ACJ 318 corporate jet. With the current services allowing intercontinental travel, corporates don’t need to worry anymore for exclusive spaces in the sky. However, for comparisons, do take a look at our insight in to the Airbus A380, and rather refreshing Transparent Airbus. Looking at them, one begins to imagine whether there is anything that would be impossible with the company’s expertise.

Via: Comlux Aviation/ Airbus

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