Aircraft of the Future: Flying yacht and Sailing aircraft by Yelken Octuri

Andrea Divirgilio / July 10, 2010

yelken octuri sailing aircraft

The futuristic aircrafts conceptualized by Yelken Octuri are sure to flabbergast those who are frantically fascinated with the flying car concepts. His two “Aircraft of the Future” concepts called “Flying yacht” and the “Sailing aircraft” appear to have come straight from some sci-fi fiction. While the Flying yacht is a seaplane-convertible yacht, the Sailing aircraft is a sailboat-convertible seaplane. Hit the jump to check out both these concept aircrafts of the future that boast amazing flying-cum-sailing capabilities.

Flying yacht: Seaplane-convertible trimaran sailing yacht

The Octuri Flying yacht is a trimaran sailing yacht that can transform into a plane with the help of its four mobile masts. The sails retract and the four masts lower to become wings. This model has been designed for the princes Aziz, Dawood & Hashim, corporate executives of Masqat Airways. The Seaplane-convertible trimaran sailing yacht relies on the sails of the four masts for propulsion. Proper attention has been paid to the on-board luxury. The flying yacht comes with two main decks. The lower deck features a main room, a kitchen, a toilet and a storage room. The upper deck has three rooms and a bathroom.

Sailing aircraft: Sailboat-convertible seaplane

While in plane mode, the wings of the Sailing aircraft are positioned horizontally and they rise when they transform in sails. The sails positioned on the joints can be adjusted at different levels with respect to the flow of wind. The tail of the plane features two propellers and the cockpit houses the engine’s air intake. When in the boat mode, the leeway of the plane doubles as a rudder blade. Aerocoché Company was commissioned by Captain Silvan Mariach to design a 4-seater sailboat-convertible seaplane.

Via: TrendsNow

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