Alan Arkin | $ 10 Million
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Alan Arkin Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 10 Million
Alan Arkin
Alan Arkin
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Born on: 26th Mar 34 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Actor and Musician
Alan Arkin is an Academy Award winning American movie personality who has left an indelible imprint on Hollywood with his creative talents in the fields of acting and direction. Arkin belongs to an exclusive club of actors who had the privilege of being nominated for an Academy Award in the “Best Actor” category for their debut movie performance. Alan’s foray into direction has also been very successful and quite a few of his movies have been well received by audiences and critics alike. The multifaceted Arkin has also displayed his competency as a novelist and penned several science fiction books. The success enjoyed by Arkin in Hollywood has had the benefit of securing his financial future. Even though exact estimates are very hard to come by, but it's believed that the actor’s estimated net worth is close to $10 million. Most of this wealth has come in the way of the fees he has received from the movies he has acted and directed. Reportedly, Alan has charged a hefty sum for the select television appearances he has made till date. Alan’s comfortable financial position has ensured a very high standard of living for him and his family. The Academy Award winning actor resides in a luxurious villa in New Mexico with his wife. Arkin loves to de-stress by going on vacations to exotic beach destination like The Bahamas with his wife. The director has performed a little bit of charity work and has appeared in promotional videos with the aim of garnering funds for the Canadian NGO, “The Brian Linehan Charitable Foundation”, an organization that tries to benefit talented young artists. Arkin was born in New York City to working class parents of Eastern European descent and grew up in a stable family environment. The artist’s personal life has been pretty eventful and marital bliss has eluded him for much of his life due to a string of failed marriages. Arkin’s first matrimonial adventure with Jeremy Yaffe lasted just six years and the union produced two sons. The much married actor then tied the knot with screenwriter Barbara Dana in 1964. The marriage lasted till the mid 90's decade and produced another son but unfortunately again ended in divorce. The artist resides in New Mexico with his current partner Suzanne Newlander, a psychotherapist whom he married in year 2007.
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