Albedo Audio’s HL2.2 two-way loudspeaker exudes class

Andrea Divirgilio / November 14, 2008

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Here comes a new entrant into the ever growing family of luxury loudspeakers. The new HL2.2 two-way loudspeaker by Albedo is an upshot of years of research around the transmission lines. Back in 1995, the company rolled out its first project, a two-way loudspeaker system equipped with a small 4″ driver, which was marketed by Apex Audio for the Italian market. The whole experience of Apex Audio, with the research, software and manufacturing expertise has been now revived with the new HL2.2 model, which blends state-of-the-art technology with stunning form factor. Available in glossy striped ebony or walnut stripe finish, the two-way speaker with ceramic drivers speaks luxury. Looking for speakers that speak class and offer superior sound quality? Look no further than the Albedo HL2.2 two-way loudspeakers. Yours for a cool 5500 euros!

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Via: Albedo

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