Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila | $ 15 Billion
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Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 15 Billion
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Born on: 13th Feb 77 Born in: United States Marital status: Single Occupation: financier

 Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila  net worth is estimated at $15.2 billion.

This gentleman is a financier and is also the son of Julio Mario Santo Domingo and Beatriz Davila. Davila went to the exclusive Hotchkiss School and completed his degree in History at Harvard University, a step which became crucial to  Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila  net worth.

His grandfather was the brainchild behind the Santo Domingo group. This group started to create a huge fortune out of brewing beer. It was in 2005 when Julio Mario Santo Domingo Pumarejo, his father, traded a portion of the company to SABMiller. After his father’s death, he  inherited control of the conglomerate which has been one of the sources of  Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila  net worth.

Today, Davila is the chairman of the board for Grupo Empresarial Bavaria S.A. under SABMiller. He also serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Latin American arm of the brewing company and is the Managing Director for the Quadrant Capital Advisors. In addition, he sits on the board of Valoram, S.A. and is also a Board of Trustees member for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. These jobs has been contributory factor to  Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila  net worth.

Davila busies himself being a part of the Board of Directors of Colombia’s Endeavor which is an international non-profit development organization that aims in finding and supporting high-impact entrepreneurs within emerging markets and is likewise a member of the Latin America Conservation Council of The Nature Conservancy.

He is also the part of the Board of Directors of DKMS Americas which is a non-profit organization and is considered to be the biggest bone marrow donor center in the whole world. There are more than 3.6 million registered donors, the Delete Blood Cancer is the forerunner in fighting against blood cancer through empowering individuals who can take action, save lives, and give bone marrow. This act added charisma to  Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila  net worth.

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