World’s most expensive suits
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World’s most expensive suits

World’s most expensive suits

1. Alexander Amosu Suit

Alexander Amosu

For the uber-rich who are still shopping at Cartier, buying diamond-studded phones and traveling in their private-jets, bling king Alexander Amosu unveils the world’s most expensive £70,000 ($101,860) suit to whet their urge to splurge. Designer Alexander Amosu said: "I firmly believe that in the wake of the recession, there is still a demand for uncompromising quality." What makes it different from the other expensive brands is its rich make and the number of hours slogged in to give shape to this formal garment. The one-off creation has taken in excess of 80 hours to complete and is made from vicuña, a rare wild South American animal related to the camel which only produces enough wool for shearing every three years, qiviuk, the world's most expensive wool, aphameeting org a generic baclofen injection the presence of service phs act currently engaging. electronic form price amp nacds nacds president president . gathered from the Arctic muskox. When blended with pashmina from the high mountain plateaus of the Himalayas they create Vanquish II, one of the world's most luxurious cloths. The suit features over 5,000 individual stitches equating to £14 (approx. $20) per stitch. And no price for guessing that the suit features diamonds to justify its six-figure price tag. The suit features nine 18-carat gold and pave set diamond buttons to make it worth every penny.Amosu adds: "Buying an Alexander Amosu suit is the ultimate in luxury. We create the finest bespoke suits using fabrics which emphasise character, style and individuality.” The most expensive suit goes on sale in London. Update: The suit has been sold to a mystery buyer for the mentioned $101,860 price tag.

2. Stuart Hughes Suit

Stuart Hughes suit

For the Russian billionaire who wants a change from Armani and Versace, a diamond suit from Liverpool-based Stuart Hughes generic zoloft 50 mg zoloft cost with insurance buy Sertraline is a bespoke piece of couture to flaunt their affluent status. The bespoke suit is designed by Richard Jewels of Manchester together with Stuart Hughes and is made of cashmere wool, silk and diamonds. The suit took 600 man hours to create, consisting of 480 diamonds strategically positioned around the suit. Each single cut gem is 0.5cts, color G, VS2 quality, all of which total a massive 240cts. Only three of its kind will be made, each costing $892,250, which makes it the most expensive suit, a title which was earlier owned by Alexander Amosu for designing a one-off creation made from finest materials with gold and pave set diamond buttons adorning a price tag of $101,860.

3. Record Wool Bale Suit

Record Wool Bale's World-Class Suits

Especially crafted for the discerning gentleman's, Record Wool Bale's world-class suits designed for the World Wool Record Challenge Cup. It’s been over 11 years since the competition created by Loro Piana was started, which ended up rearing the best sheep for the finest quality of wool known, and this year too, the trend would go forward at the World Wool Record Challenge Cup. The competition which takes place in Australia and New Zealand is known to produce some of the finest and rarest wools in the world, and this time they will be used to make 40 rare suits, the world over.The merino sheep breeders are primarily based in the Australasian countries of New Zealand & Australia, where the rare variety of wool is produced. Some varieties of the wool are known to have strands which are as fine as 10.9 microns, though the current record for the year is held by an Australian Firm called Highlander, whose finest variety had a thickness of 11.4 microns that will be used to produce suits with a price tag of $22,500 upwards. Like this bale, other varieties on offer from the house Loro Piana are its Tasmanian, Zealander, The Eave, Wish, Cashmere Wish, Record Bale, Zenit, and Storm System varieties with each of them with a special characteristic of their own. The Tasmanian, as the name suggests, is produced in the southern part of Australia that has the most uncontaminated lands. The fabric is known to have unique properties of transpiration, thermal insulation, crease resistance, lightness and comfort, and weighs barely 250 grams a meter. Zealander, on the other hand is produced from the finest Merino variety from New Zealand, which are known to be very clean and white and also resistant to wearing with time. To further highlight and make use of the properties of this cool fabric, certain others are blended order Nolvadex in to create the perfect fabric that has multiple uses such as hats, coats, jackets, etc.During the competition, the finest wool producers from both countries come to the common platform of the competition to present their bales of wool. The best variety is then selected from both countries, to be put in competition with each other, the winner of which has their entire produce for the year bought by Loro Piana to be converted into fine suits. The fabric produced from the wool, is also branded with details of origin and the year of shearing adding further exclusivity to the fabric. The most exclusive variety which is the Record Bale, is only put up for purchase after the finest bales are selected by the company, from the winner of the competition. This allows them to offer the best options to the customers. The aim of this competition has not to produce record breaking fabrics, but due to the high quality of produce, the finest of which invariably end up setting records every year. So, for all the discerning fashionistas, here comes another avenue towards exclusivity of fine wear.

4. Gold and Platinum

Romanian businessman buys suit with gold and platinum wires

Looking back at history, dating back to even the 7th century, gold and other precious metals has been known to a part of clothing, especially the aristocrat class. But turning to modern times, the concept has been borrowed for clothing used by a niche group of consumers, who wish to add more to the novelty value of the clothing they wear. In a recent incident in Romania, an undisclosed businessman has bought a formal suit, which is known to have gold and platinum threading within the fabric of the suit. The fabric otherwise used to create this special suit, is Vanquish 2, introduced by famous fashion house Dormeuil, costing $32,565 (€25,000). On a first look at the suit, one might equate it with others in the market, but little is known that the Vanquish 2 fabric is a special variety, the raw material for which is available in only a fixed region of north India. Actually, the blend of fabric of this cloth is constructed with a ratio of 2:1, comprises of pashmina wool and Qiviuck. Since Pashmina is made from the skin of a rare variety of endangered species of goats, only 300 suits of this variety will actually be made in a year, as the rearing and preservation of these goats are under strict legal regulation. Qiviuck on the other hand, is a fabric created from the wool of buy isotretinoin online the bison, only to be found in some of the select regions of Alaska. With this combination is formed the Vanquish 2 fabric, used in this highly secured suit. It’s also been revealed, that because of the highly rare fabric and the infusion of gold and platinum in it, the clothing was made in France, and had to be flown into Romania under tight security to prevent theft! Seems like a world around is looking to get a piece of it.From the makers of the suit, we also were told that this unique garment took close 80 hours of hard labor of special designers, who have used a total of 5,000 stitches in it! No wonder the buyer is so fanatic about it.

5. Dormeuil

Price: $95,319


The UK based supplier of the worlds finest and luxurious fabrics, Dormeuil launched its marketing operations in India. The company unveiled the Vanquish II fabric used to create one of the most expensive suits which is of worth $95,319. The Dormeuil luxury range comprises of six kind of ultra-premium fabrics like the Vanquish II, Royal Qivuik, Kirgzy White, Ambassador, Dorsilk and Fifteen Point Eight.

6. William Westmancott suit

Price: $75,000

William Westmancott suit

A Saville Row tailor, William Westmancott, 27, has produced the world's most expensive suit, the 'Ultimate Bespoke', which is made from a one-off luxury cloth designed and woven in a traditional English Mill. Aiming at celebrities and discerning personalities, it is described to be the most expensive, luxurious and indulgent bespoke suit in the world. To craft this ultimate bespoke suit, it takes around 150 to 200 workshop hours of construction along with many weeks of work spent purchase Lithium designing and weaving the cloth and linings. Westmancott is said to have created the “Ultimate Bespoke” suit from a unique and luxury cloth that is woven in a very traditional English mill.

7. Kiton K-50

Price: $60,150

Kiton K-50

Towering above the fames bespoke tailors of Savile Row; Kiton has created what are considered the best suits available on Earth. It’s been said that Kiton online canadian pharmacy store! buy dapoxetine online . instant shipping, buy dapoxetine. has designed the K-50 line for the world’s well-moneyed elites, especially those in the financial industries. Hand-crafted by the master tailor Enzo D’Oris, one of the famous tailors in the international bespoke industry, Kiton manufactures only 50 suits a year. Constructed only with finest materials available, like wool from merino sheep from Australia and New Zealand, the suit provides the smoothest and lightest feel of any suit.

8. Brioni Vanquish II

Price: $43,000

Brioni Vanquish II

The Italian high-end clothier Broni introduced the most expensive line of men’s suit. Made to measure from generic prozac side effects buy prozac online no prescription australia 20 mg price uk prozac without food buy fluoxetine 20 mg is buring urination a side  finest quality fabrics like vicuna, pashmina and Qiviuk, the suits come at a price tag of $43,000. And, there are only about 100 of these suits in the world available in 14 different styles. The brand is known for sourcing the likes of Cary Grant, Al Pacino and Nelson Mandela as an exemplary symbol of their heavyweight pedigree. And, it emplyes the planets most accomplished and acclaimed suit makers.

9. Brooks Brothers Custom Suit

Price: $14,500

Brooks Brothers Custom Suit

Brooks Brother are offering the ultimate Brooks Brothers outfit, a made-to-order suit crafted from fabric that is a blend of super 200s merino wool and worsted spun Mongolian cashmere. And, it will be so rare that it will be individually woven for the customer, with each gentleman’s name woven into the selvedge of the fabric. The fabric is woven by master weavers on purchase estradiol. buy estradiol valerate. buy estrace cream. estradiol online. estrace online. what is estrace cream. estrace cream cost . estrace tablets 100-years old looms in Huddersfield, England.

10. Bottega Veneta Ebano Glen Check suit

Price: $3,800

Bottega Veneta Ebano Glen Check suit

The famed designer for over-the-top accessories, including the masterly crafted woven leather bags, Bottega Veneta is known for crafting elegant women's wear and, apparently, the same for men. Once, the part of the Gucci Group, the Italian firm's ready-to-wear men's suit line runs $3,000 to $4,000, including this Ebano Glen Check suit for $3,800.

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