Alicia Silverstone | $ 16 Million
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United States

Alicia Silverstone

Actress, author and former fashion model

Net Worth $ 16 Million
  • Birthday4th Oct, 76
  • Birth PlaceUnited States
  • Marital statusMarried
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Alicia Silverstone was born to Monty and Didi Silverstone on October 4, 1976 in San Francisco, California. Her father Monty was English and her mother was Scottish. Her Father was a Jew whereas her Mother got converted before her marriage into Conservative Judaism. She is an actress, author and a former model. Her modeling career began when she was six years old. Her first TV commercial was for Domino’s pizza. She has received many awards in her modeling career. She received many MTV movie awards and a young artist award for her first movie The Crush. Her nomination for different awards includes Emmy awards and Golden Globe award. She was also chosen as the “Sexiest Female Vegetarian” by the organization PETA in 2004.   On account of her Environmental interest Alicia Silverstone bought an eco friendly house in Los Angeles which is complete with solar panels and organic vegetable garden shared with a “Menagerie of Rescued Dog”. She also set up a sanctuary for rescued animals in Los Angeles. She starred in a few videos of Aerosmith. She had made up to $16 million dollars in her career. She owns a production company named First Kiss Productions Inc. in Sherman oaks, USA. The movie Excess Baggage was the first movie produced by this Production Company. She also owns a website named The kind life.   In the year 2007, she made an appearance in one of the print advertisements and 30 second commercial for PETA supporting vegetarianism. She has contributed towards organizations including Farm Sanctuary which is setup for preventing the abuses of Factory farming and for creating awareness about farm animals. PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) which is an organization found to check abuse of animals, has also received enormous donations from Alicia Silverstone. The actress has also contributed to The Humane Society and Starlight Children’s Foundation. In addition to this she also made charitable donations to Dennis Kucinich’s presidential campaign in 2004.   Alicia Silverstone was in love with a rock musician Christopher Jarecki for 8 years. They were finally married on June 11, 2005 in a beachfront ceremony at Lake Tahoe. They got engaged about a year before their marriage when her spouse presented her with an engagement ring that belonged to his grandmother. In 2009, Silverstone released “The Kind Diet”, a guide to vegan nutrition persuaded by her enormous love and sympathy animals . Silverstone gave birth to a boy, who was named Bear Blue Jarecki. Silverstone is well known for her love towards animals and she is also environmental activists. She turned into a vegan in 1998 after she attended a meeting concerned with animals’ rights.


  • I think I can deceive people. I'm like, the nice, sweet girl when you meet me. And I don't have any bad intentions. But I'm a bad girl too.
  • When you're offered things, it makes it so much easier to be indecisive. And it's silly because you can pass on some really amazing things.
  • I'm reachable for people, I'm not out of their league. I'm just a normal girl.
  • As human beings we're so cynical, so uncompassionate.
  • I love cooking and one of my favourite things to do with my husband is open up the refrigerator.

Did you know?

  • She received multiple MTV Movie Awards and a Young Artist Award for The Crush.
  • She received awards from Blockbuster Entertainment Award, Kids Choice Awards, National Board of Review, and an American Comedy Award for her Clueless film.
  • She was recipient of a Heart Of Green Award in 2009, which "recognizes individuals, organizations or companies who have helped green go mainstream."
  • She ranked #66 in Mens Health 100 Hottest Women of All Time in 2011.
  • Speaks French fluently.

Family & relationships

Alicia Silverstone Wedding (1)

Alicia and Christopher Jarecki got married in Lake Tahoe where she walked down the aisle barefoot. They exchanged vows on the waterfront of the Lake in front of close family and friends.

Alicia Silverstone Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (1)

Alicia Silverstone And Christopher Jarecki on vacations

Malibu Vacation

The actress was spotted in the beaches of Malibu taking a stroll with her rocker musician husband Christopher Jarecki. The young couple had a great time sunbathing, snorkeling by the seaside.

Location: 21-mile wide Malibu Beach is located in Los Angeles County, California State, USA.

 Accommodation: 5 star accommodations like the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, Hotel Bel-Air, Oceana Beach Club Hotel and The Ritz-Carlton charge in the range of $500 to $600 for a night's stay. Places like Venice Beach Cotel, Americas Best Value Inn Oxnard-Port Hueneme, Travelers Beach Inn and Sunset Inn Gardena cater to the needs of the budget customer and charge a modest fee of about 60 USD for a night’s stay.

Features: Malibu has plenty of sandy beaches that are apt for a variety of activities like sunbathing, taking long walks and playing beach volleyball. Rocky beaches are perfect for diving and surfing. Further, different types of restaurants are located by the beach side that offers a great choice of sea-food and drinks. Also, there are plenty of Malibu beaches flowing east to west from Santa Monica to Ventura County Line all of which are accessible to the public. Topanga County Beach, Las Tunas County Beach, Carbon Beach, La Costa Beach, Malibu Pier and La Piedra State Beach are some of the most famous sea side resorts worth a visit.

There are also a few world class museums worth a visit in Malibu. The Roman County Estate displays a wide range of Greek and Roman artifacts. The Adamson House is a Spanish-Moor mansion showcasing a lot of antique furniture. The Malibu Lagoon Museum showcases the history of the Chumash Indians. A visit to the vineyard owned by Malibu Family Wines offers great insight into the wine manufacturing process. Tourists can also undertake shopping expeditions in the many souvenir shops that dot the beach side.

Out for a walk

Out for a walk

On the beach in Malibu

On the beach in Malibu

Enjoying vacations with partner

Enjoying vacations with partner

Alicia Silverstone Cause (3)

Alicia Silverstone joins Farm Sanctuary in new campaign

Farm Sanctuary

Alicia is actively involved in supporting this charity and sponsors animals from the Farm Sanctuary Project. The main aim of the organization is to prevent the abuses of factory farming, to create awareness about the development of 'farm animals' and reaching out to legislators to bring about institutional reforms to prevent animal abuse.

The actress supports PETA's “Save the Sheep and Cows are Cool” and number of campaigns.


The actress supports PETA's “Save the Sheep and Cows are Cool” campaign. In 2004 the organization voted her as the “Sexiest Female Vegetarian” to honor her efforts. The NGO has defended the rights of all animals since its inception in 1980 under the principle that they are not to be eaten or be used to conduct medical experiments.

Alicia Silverstone attends the

Starlight Children’s Foundation

Silverstone faithfully donates her time, resources and energy to support this charity which strives to create a positive impact in the lives of terminally ill children. Another goal is to encourage hope in the lives of such children by distracting their mind off the fear, pain and isolation that occurs in such situations.

Alicia Silverstone Brands (4)

Alicia wore this designer dress to the TIFF premier of “Butter” last year.

Proenza Schouler Resort 2011 Metallic Sleeveless Dress

Alicia wore this designer dress to the TIFF premier of “Butter” last year. It’s a sleeveless dress featuring a gold toned shimmering lurex along with a black mesh detail inserted in the back which is slightly transparent. The skirt is structured and has black elastic band. The fabric is a blend of silk, polyester, cotton and nylon.

The actress was spotted donning these grey colored fleece pants while jogging.

Free City Logo Sweatpant

The actress was spotted donning these grey colored fleece pants while jogging. The fabric consists of an equal mix of cotton and polyester. An elastic band is present at the waist and bottom hem. The “Freecity” logo has been embossed in the front.

Silverstone has been pictured wearing this black designer dress at Mann’s theater during the premier of “tropic Thunder”.

Farah Angsana Fall 2008 Black Dress With Belt

Silverstone has been pictured wearing this black designer dress at Mann’s theater during the premier of “tropic Thunder”. This short dress is from designer Farah Angsana’s Fall 2008 collection and features a glittering belt.

The actress was photographed wearing these expensive bangles in the event” Movies Rock, a celebration of Music”.

Jamie Wolf Yellow Gold Bangle With Diamonds

The actress was photographed wearing these expensive bangles in the event” Movies Rock, a celebration of Music”. The product has been designed by noted jewelry designer Jamie Wolf and features a 22 carat gold bangle encrusted with several white diamonds.

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