Alien furniture – Truly different, expensive and ethereal

Andrea Divirgilio / September 22, 2007

alien furniture

That’s devilish! The Alien furniture is not about comfort but crazy, horrifying, ghostly looks. Alien furniture is skillfully hand crafted from carefully selected used car and bike parts, tools and other recycled metal components making each individual piece subtly unique. It’s certainly not my cup of tea but might delight antique collectors and the geeks caught up with Steampunk mania. They have full-sized glass tables, coffee tables, small glass tables, bar stools, and eerie chairs.

It sounds crazy to have such eerie furniture at home but still, there are so many people who would fall in love with the ingenious design of these wraithlike furniture items. Every piece is a masterpiece and carries a stocky price tag. Pricing starts at £67.50 and goes as high as £2250.

Check out the picture gallery after the jump.

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