Alien steel sculptures – Exceptional and expensive!

Andrea Divirgilio / November 5, 2007

art from steel sculpture

Finally, we have got someone to sit on our Alien Furniture. Art from Steel is a Thailand-based firm that specializes in steel sculptures and models made entirely from recycled scrap metal. The larger statues from the house may contain as many as 2,000 unique parts. A typical large statue may have spent its previous life as perhaps a car, a boat, a dishwasher and a television. Skillfully hand crafted, these sculptures and statues are certainly going to delight antique collectors and the geeks caught up with Steampunk mania. Every piece is a masterpiece and carries a whopping price tag. Everything looks cool except the image quality (check Picture Gallery).

A life size Chopper measuring 1.1 meters high costs $4,422. A 1.6-meter statue of Anubis sells for $3,316. A 3-meter high Alien Queen is going to set you back $6,000. The driod C-3PO asks for $4,422. The one meter tall Alien and Predator statues look to be a bargain at $1,421 each. These are just few of the masterpieces they have created. I can’t say how these creatures will look inside your living room, but it’s always good to have something different and unique. What say?

via UberReview / ArtFromSteel

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