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All in gold: A moon cake that marks Chinese festivity

Andrea Divirgilio / September 8, 2008

gold moon cakes on display in a department store i

The mid-autumn festival for the Chinese is to be celebrated this weekend, and the streets across China will be thronged with moon cakes, a kind of pastry the Chinese relish during the festivity. A visitor in China can, of course, tell people back home how the pastry looks, for its golden emulation is also available in certain Chinese stores. The only problem could be running out of finances, for these golden moon cakes are made of pure gold, and even the Chinese government intervention does not prevent them from being sold at exhorbitant prices. On the positive side, this golden cake could save you a fortune, when nothing else in life would work for you. It could well be a stitch in time that could save nine. For the astoundingly rich though, this would be an item that will go straight into the moneyed closet in their bedroom. I am not sure whether this has something to do with an omen, so for that, I strictly advise you to go looking for your Chinese neighbor.

Via: People’s Daily

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