Alpina B5
Alpina B5 | $ 98,000
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Alpina B5

Alpina B5

Don’t mistake Alpina as an after-market engine tuner. They are prestigious European original automobile manufacturer, recognized by German Technical Inspection Association. However, Alpina’s product line includes only derivatives from original BMW vehicles. That means their cars are completely based on BMW cars; though, they every time try to redefine BMWs with added luxury and modified engine. They hand build engine and interior add-ons and send those units to BMW factory line for assembly. They are in this business since 1970s and globally acclaimed for their creations. Its Alpina B5 has been derived from BMW E-60 series. B5 converts the series in different flavor with refined power and subtle luxury. The car was in-production from 2005 to 2007. It came with a price tag of around £61,000.


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Inside, Alpina B5 was really plush. Color style was same as its corporate badge – a blend of blue and green. Interior was fitted with hand stitched leather and different soft fabrics. Dash sported high quality veneer along with leather upholstery for perfect sense of luxury. Metal plate on the dash carried Alpina serial number of the car. Bi-spoke steering sported controls on both the spokes for switch-driven gear system.


B5 carried a super-suspension efficient enough to offer sporty feeling along with long drive comfort. Brakes were of BMW standards; with largest disc braking area of 374/36 mm for front and 370/24 mm for rear wheels. Such a massive braking could stop the car in 5.5 seconds. It also sported automatic brake-drying mechanism to wipe out single drop of moisture from brake calipers.



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As we have said already, Alpina series vehicles are same as BMW with only difference of – patented alpine blue shade and 20-spoke wheel. Otherwise, B5 looked quite similar, at least, visibly with BMW 5 series E60. It was a 4-door sedan with 19’’ Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires. Dimension-wise, Alpina B5 was 4899 mm long, 1860 mm wide and 1464 mm high with curb weight of 1920 kg. Along with these, Alpina B5 managed awe-inspiring coefficient of drag of only 0.29.

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