Ambient field conditioner to enhance audio playback quality, seriously!!

Andrea Divirgilio / January 2, 2012

When it comes to getting the perfect sound out of devices, audiophiles would perhaps go to any extent to get what they would generally desire. In that regard, we have seen devices like the Audia Strumento amplifiers, but now to silken the sound output, Blackbody has introduced the Ambient Field conditioner, that shall add the special touch, when you are listening to your classics. Whether it’s a requirement, or simply something to add for pride, remains to be seen, as it doesn’t really amplify or purify sound, but like conditioners it smoothens sound even more than what one might otherwise get.

Blackbody Audio field Conditioner

If we were to believe what is being said about this device, then it’s truly a piece of electronic art, more than anything else. Based on the principles of sound vibrations and it’s different frequencies, which interact with the environment, this device helps in complementing your main audio gadgetry, especially its power output. By building a lightweight yet solid formed body, the sound output reportedly reduces any sort of external vibration, if placed within the optimum distance suggested from the company. De-codifying it further, we are told it reduces the noise flooring around, which helps in getting the purest quality of sound, which audiophiles harken for.

Blackbody Audio field Conditioner

In terms of device aesthetics, it seems like a delicate darling amongst them all. Construction has been done with a special alloy, which has been matte sand blasted giving it a break from the rest of shiny devices seen everywhere. With the rounded corners of the box, it doesn’t stick out in its looks, from anywhere that you see the device from. Hopefully, it also doesn’t weigh as much; just 3 kgs, meaning its easily portable around your place. When it comes to placing the order, be prepared for a $1,323 price tag, and also special packaging of the audio conditioner. From seeing it all, we would suggest this for only those, who look for high quality sound, till they seem finicky about it. Rest assured, assessments are subjective.

Via: Ohgizmo/ BoingBoing/ LessLoss

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