American Express Black Card – Mysterious, Exclusive, and Expensive

Andrea Divirgilio / October 5, 2007

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The black card of American Express is indubitable one of the most exclusive cards of the world. The rumors say that that the card is made of Titanium and that it will set off metal detectors in the airport. Its early versions might have been made of plastic but, currently cards are made of some type of heavier metal material. There are around 17,000 people who are Centurion card holders and since American Express is in no mood to tell the names, we can’t figure out who has one and which celebrities are enjoying it. The history behind the AMEX Black card is somewhat mysterious. Reports of an ‘invite only credit card’ from American Express came into light as early as the late 1980s. Moreover, a Wall Street Journal article spoke of a rumored credit card especially for AMEX’s high end client el. It brought to the public notice in October of 1999 when the American Express credit card dubbed Centurion (or the AMEX Black card) was released.

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How much you need to pay?

It’s darn tough to get one as it is offered by invitation. The charges include:

$250,000 or more a year to AMEX.

$5,000 initiation fee.

$2,500 annual Fee.

Benefits of the AMEX card:

Like the members of the not-a-secret-now 2-20 Club, a person in the possession of AMEX black card is eligible to a range of facilities.

Each card has a different limit that is based on the income of the individual. The most expensive purchase known till the date on a black card is of a $30M private jet.

24hr personal concierge.

Private shopping service. Tiffany’s offers private shopping for Black Card customers.

Invitations for unusual events, viz. a round of golf with Tiger Woods.

Free hotel stays and access to airport clubs.

International emergency health care.

List of known Cardholders:

Some of the names on the list include Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Noel Gallagher, Janet Jackson, Lindsay Lohan, and Beyonce Knowles, and Jessica Simpson.

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