America’s most expensive house on the market with a $190 million price tag
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America’s most expensive house on the market with a $190 million price tag

America’s most expensive house on the market with a $190 million price tag

If one is willing to splurge to premier real estate in America, then here is one new opportunity. In what is rightly the most expensive family home in America, the Copper Beech Farm is on the market with a $190 million price tag. More than the 50-acres of greenery and natural surroundings of the estate, the 13,519 sq ft French Renaissance mansion manages to be a centre of attraction in the property being spread over 2 islands, and enjoying some of the best views in the Long Island region. For those looking for privacy this estate will be satiating every possible desire of exclusivity one can fathom, and if one is a nature’s bird, the surroundings promise some of the best possible exposures possible. However, with the premium price tag of $190 million, one might think as to what the selling price would finally turn to be. Though the real estate market is looking as attractive as ever, several luxurious properties are getting clipped at prices below their listed tags.  

Location: Greenwich, Connecticut, United States of America. The exact street address, places the Copper Beech Farm within a 5-minute reachable distance of the 1-95 highway which is located very close to the exclusive Greenwich Waterfront community, Mead Point.

Property Type: Gated Estate suited for families residence.

Amenities: 12 bedrooms, 7 full bathrooms, 2 half bathrooms, kitchen, solarium, library, wine cellar, spa, pool-house, grass tennis court, stone carriage house, car garage, formal gardens, and an entirely separate staff wing.

- For those who associate woodwork with a high grade property, the Copper Beech Farm gets full marks on that. The library is extensively wood worked with specially crafted panels adorning the walls amongst other places. Even the formal dining room has a tracery ceiling with finely crafted oakwood panels all around.

- Since this property is well over a 100-years old, the practice of having fireplaces present in almost all rooms is seen here as well. Proves useful during the colder winter months.

- There is a 1,800-foot driveway, which one would encounter while entering the estate. Nearby the driveway, one would find a 6-car garage, clock tower, and a 3-bedroom gatehouse as well.

- The pool area has co-joined 2 heptagonal swimming pools, spa, and bathing facilities. The joined pools stretch over 75-feet of distance, which render them almost endless.


- The Copper Beech Estate was built in 1896. The name of the property comes from the extensive endowments of the Copper Beech trees, which can see seen in the sprawling gardens.

- Harriet Lauder Greenway, who happens to be daughter of George Lauder, an American Steel tycoon, has purchased this property in 1904, and spent 75 years on it.

- John Rudey, who made his fortune in dealing with timber, had purchased this estate in an off-market deal 31 years ago. According to records, the property has not been listed publicly for sale in well over a century of it’s existence.

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Reference:  Forbes /  Business Insider  

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