AMG Hammer
AMG Hammer | $ 161,000
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AMG Hammer

AMG Hammer

The Mercedes-Benz AMG hammer can aptly be termed as a luxury saloon for smart people. It is available at a price of $161, 422. This user friendly and comfort oriented vehicle is equipped with almost all the latest features and fancy design for interiors and exteriors. It is designed and manufactured for enhancing your comfort level during your long journeys and therefore it comes with a higher price tag. It is equipped with better security features for your protection during accidents or emergencies. It has a powerful engine to provide you a better pick up and it also comes with superior controls.


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The interior of AMG hammer provides you complete security with better comfort and style. Its sports seats are electrically adjustable. The comfortable leather support on seats makes your long journeys easy. AMG sports steering wheel with four spoke design and AMG shift paddles add more style to your driving experience. Leather upholstery in different colors give an attractive look to its interiors. Its spacious interior offers sufficient room to relax. Big dashboard with other accessories like music system at the comfort of your hand makes it a pleasant experience for the driver. It has eleven airbags and crash responsive Neck-Pro head restraints among other security features for your protection during emergencies.


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A car from the mid eighties, AMG Hammer, looks attractive with its new bumpers, wheels and black painted grill. The clearly defined lines, simple look and unique style of this sedan enhances its style quotient. The 17 mm wide fenders bearing the AMG front apron with large intake air apertures, and AMG specific day time driving LED's make it more impressive. Bi-Xenon Headlamps with active curve illumination make night time driving easier and more convenient. Its side skirts are beautiful. AMG rear apron with black diffuser insert makes it stylish while the chrome plated twin tailpipes fascinate the senses of every car lover. In short, it is one of the most beautiful choices for car enthusiasts.

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