AMG V12 turntable is a new chapter in the world of vinyl playback

Andrea Divirgilio / March 21, 2012

For our in-house penchant for picking the premium lot of audio equipment, we have been showing you some rather attractive options for designer turntables, which are meant for the most discerning audio geeks around. Whether it’s listening to its purest variety or bringing back the charm of yester year’s original music, a turntable means a lot to the perfectionist who holds the charm as sacred. We have shown you some previous examples, such as the OneDof turntable and the Proscenium Black Diamond III, but heralding a new playback from the world of vinyl options is the new AMG V12 turntable. The looks and build are almost reminiscent of the Mercedes Benz with a similar name!

AMG V-12 turntable

When it comes to Bavarian engineering, anything short of the best is a little to less to ask for. Hence, designer Werner Roeschlau and his son have indeed put in their creative designing and execution to perfection with the V12 Viella turntable. From their factory based in Munich, they have managed to use CNC machines in tandem with CAD software to create the product, which comprises of a 25mm thick aircraft grade aluminum body, including the 16mm axle fixed alongside. CNC machined within the confines of the factory, the high effective mass of 12 grams concerning the anodized aluminum tubing inside, ensures that the resonance control is much higher, as older vinyl records do have a tendency of a rough texture of its sounds. To ensure that the electronic controls are in perfect order, all the wiring has been done with copper to ensure higher conductivity.

AMG V-12 turntable

What will also please collectors is the external fabrication created with smooth finished hardwood. Though it is not known what kind of options there are on offer, but even the most premium variety has be picked to create the external casing of the turntable. The pricing of the product stands marked at $16,000 a piece, but would go up depending upon personal customization.

AMG V-12 turntable

Via: AMG/ Core 77/ Gear Diary

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