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Amosu Ultimo Diamond – World’s most expensive iPhone!

Andrea Divirgilio / July 21, 2008

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If the $40,000 diamond-encrusted iPhone or the $176,400 Princess Plus iPhone didn’t live up to your opulent taste and lifestyle then Amosu is out to woo you again with the world’s most expensive diamond encrusted iPhone. Just a bit more pricey than its predecessor, priced at £89,000 ($177,300), Amosu Ultimo Diamond iphone has managed to steal the crown of being the most expensive diamond studded iPhone from Princess Plus. In its most dazzling form, this diamond edition seems to have it all. Perfectly set with 1179 dazzling 16.18 carat diamonds, the phone is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen using only the most exceptional materials. Team this with the finest new technology, and it is clear to see why the Amosu Ultimo Diamond Iphone is worthy of its unique ‘World Class’ status. Taking a closer look, this exclusive Ultimo Diamond Iphone features 458 diamonds caked around the flat-front face. While the rear bottom case is made of 18 carat solid white gold encrusted with 660 diamonds. And the cherry on the cake is the apple logo which has 61 diamonds. This ostentious dazzling god-phone comes in a luxury wooden box.

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And when you cough up that much sum for just blinged communication device, than you can certainly look forward for some more grand perks. Like the owner of the Amosu Ultimo Diamond Iphone will receive one year’s complimentary VIP International Concierge Service, focused on ‘accessing the inaccessible’. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the service will save the Amosu Luxury customer time, hassle and money. From front row seats at fashion shows and spur-of-the-moment chartered yachts, the VIP Concierge will make it happen.

Also the owner will become a owner of Luxury Network VIP Privilege card that is accepted by Lamborghini UK, Bombardier Skyjet International, Sunseeker Yachts, Oliver Sweeney, Holland and Holland, Selfridges and Ascot Horse racing.
Alluring package!

Thanks Amosu

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