Amphibian Akoya Airplane – A must-have for Superyacht Owners

Andrea Divirgilio / December 9, 2008

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Back in 2007, we reported about the amphibian Akoya airplane from LISA Airplanes that has been designed to fly from airstrip to yacht to ski slope with ease. The update is this: LISA airplanes have now started taking orders for it with an initial deposit of 10,000 euros. The delivery date is not yet disclosed which actually kept us from including this wonder-aircraft in our Christmas Gift Guide, but it seems perfect for the yacht owners. The company has recently announced its partnership with Danish Yachts, with an aim toward combining superyachts and light aircraft to expand their horizons. Akoya’s aircraft features retractable wheels and retractable skis to enable you the freedom of landing at your properties.

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The combination of a rigid carbon wing and a flexible textile flap allows the craft to take off and land in less than 330 feet, while ensuring the highest cruising speeds. “The AKOYA also uses another patented innovation from LISA Airplanes. The combination of two hydrofoils in the shape of an inverted V and retractable landing gear make for performance over and above classic water planes. The hydrofoils, combined with the high lift of the Ri&Flex Wing, lift the fuselage out of the water at very low speed and dispense with the need for a step or fairing. This allows the plane to accelerate and take off over short distances. This system of hydrofoils enables the fuselage to be very aerodynamic, making the Akoya the first plane to be both agile in water and fast in the air.” Stowe the Akoya on to your yacht… or easily park it in a hangar.

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