An Affectionate HeartBeans Coffee-Grinder: It Grinds as your Heart Pounds!

Andrea Divirgilio / May 5, 2008

heartbeans SOwgc 12
This HeartBeans coffee-grinder is meant for the coffee connoisseur who believes making a great cup of coffee is nothing but an art. The artistic coffee-grinder operates according to the user’s heart-beats. A personal product from quality mahogany, with a built-in motor, controlled by an apparatus to measure the pace of the beating heart (HBM, Heart Beat Monitor); also included are peripheral electronics that bind it all together and allow it to work. This machine gives a physical expression to the emotional state of the user. Its design which requires you to hold the grinder in similar pose to holding a baby or a musical instrument, very affectionately enables you to experience intimacy with the process of making coffee.(Duh!) And, as the grinder adhere the heart-beats, it produces a different taste with each use. The choice of wood is made to impart the device a natural and warm look. Other components were integrated, such as a LED to transform light beams and a receiver LED to tunnel the information to other parts. The final artifact features a wiring board by Hernando Barragán.

This project was developed and produced by the students (Adi navwany , Michal shamsian , Itamar paloge and Danielle ram) of “Food for Thought” course at the Bezalel academy for arts and crafts. So, get ready for not just a great cup of coffee, but an experience.

via Dexinger

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