An Ultra-Luxury In-Car PC

Andrea Divirgilio / July 28, 2006

ultra luxury in car pc

Remember, a few days back, I told you about the ultra-luxury multimedia car pc ‘INFILL G4′ from MAXAN that features 6.2 inches touch screen digital TFT LCD, built-in GPS module, along with loads of hi-tech features. But, if you prefer Apple computers over any other then I have got just what you want! German company Mattes Interieurtechnik who specializes in interior automotive design for ultra luxury cars has developed a high-end in-car system based on an Apple iMac G5, whose entire hardware comes integrated into the 17-inch monitor that is only 5 centimeters thick. The luxury PC features an integrated DVD player, a wireless keyboard and mouse and built-in GPRS. Gizmag reports, ‘The iMac G5 multimedia system can be integrated into any car.’ The slim PC comes covered in the finest magnolia-colored leather and is installed on the driveshaft tunnel behind the front seats, so you can comfortably surf the net. And, if sometime you forget to carry your business laptop with you then you can actually unplug your car PC just by unplugging one cable and unfastening the locking mechanism. The computer can be removed from the car in less than a minute.

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