Andres Hagardzon custom-made briefcases: Elegance & Engineered Security
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Andres Hagardzon custom-made briefcases: Elegance & Engineered Security

Andres Hagardzon custom-made briefcases: Elegance & Engineered Security

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When it comes to personal security and security for one’s precious belongings, people generally never compromise and spend propecia 5mg vs 1mg propecia reviews
liberally when needed. Especially, if they are engineered to perfection and have an appeal which makes them stand out in the crowd. Designer Andres Hagardzon has created a range of limited edition briefcase that has three possible hi-tech options for security of the valuables. It is made ofom precious metals and can be personalized by engraving one’s name on the outside.

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Minimalistic in design but elegant in appearance, these range of briefcases are made from industrial grade titanium and light-weight carbon fiber which forms the casing. The use of carbon fiber adds a distinct finish with option of multiple colors. Some of the available options include black with white micarta handles, white gloss lacquer, and graphite colored fabric. If those who would like to keep their iPhones safe, the briefcase has a special casing for holding these phones as well. The insides also use similar kind of materials with ample space keeping different valuables. If one is looking for personalizing the briefcase, then one could look at getting their buy vardenfil names or initials engraved, or a family crest fixed or any other favorite chosen design placed on the outside. For securing the contents within, there are a total of 3 options of high-tech locks to choose from. Using ones personalized electronic code or key,or even one’s finger print, the security of contents can be ensured.

For other personalized and hi-tech briefcases, we have earlier covered Hermes Carbon Fibre briefcase, and also the G3 briefcase which
used similar materials in design and concept, and also the China Vasion briefcase that used a high-tech security lock like this from Andres Hagardzon. So whether you are a top executive or even the next James Bond, you know which briefcases to look at.

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