Andy Warhol’s 1964 lithograph “Marilyn Monroe I Love Your Kiss Forever Forever,” tops at Christie’s Auction

Andrea Divirgilio / March 8, 2013

Andy Warhol’s relationship with the abstract and colorful is indeed well documented in history. The pop artist is known for works such as the Edvard Munch screen prints, Queen Elizabeth II portrait, Bettle Lemon, and the Dom Perignon tribute, which have received much fanfare among the artistic elite. Now at a recent auction by Christie’s, the pop artist’s 1964 lithograph titled “Marilyn Monroe I love Your Kiss Forever Forever”, topped the charts by fetching as much as $90,000 via as many as 50 bids via online forum. The pre-auction estimate stood at $5,000, which is 16 times lower than the final winning price.

Andy Warhol’s 1964 lithograph

This piece of art by Andy Warhol showed 5 pairs of multi-colored lips of Marilyn Monroe. Hollywood’s favorite muse, Monroe’s artifacts and memorabilia has always managed to garner attention from fans and collectors alike. Previously we have seen the $4.6 million sale of her ‘Seven Year Itch’ dress, her $25,428 red silk & feather purse auction, and also the $3.6 million Brentwood home sale which fetched multiple times the prices estimated before the auction. Hence, this time when it was about a colorful set of her famous lips, it comes as no surprise that the response was of something similar.

1985 lithograph New Coke

At the Christie’s auction, one other artifact managed to garner twice the pre-sale estimate. This was the 1985 color lithograph of ‘New Coke’, introduced by the Coca Cola Company, much to the annoyance of the general public. This perhaps caused one of the most well documented corporate disasters for the brand, known in corporate circles as the biggest the world round. This colored print managed to fetch $93,750 at the Christie’s event.

Via: Art Info/ Daily Star/ The Independent

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