Andy Warhol’s car art will be on every auto lover’s wishlist

Andrea Divirgilio / April 1, 2012

After Miguel Peredes created the special edition 2011 Porsche, we were waiting for something which would match those standards, and perhaps remain as something of a wishlist of every auto lover. Andy Warhol’s art work on cars is precisely had to come along for this cause. His strong inclination towards cars in his art work will be showcased at the Birmingham Museum of Art in June, which will have his creations right from the 1940’s to the 1980’s. Through the ages, how the artist wanted to depict what was iconic about America, will be shown at the event which is by far, one of the best places if you are an auto geek.

Andy Warhol's Bettle 'Lemon'

There has been no published information about whether any of the 40 works on display will be there for sale, but it will surely have some of his most important works such as the green on pink rendition of the Volkswagen Bettle. Through the years, one would notice, how he noticed and documented in detail, the effect that automobiles had on the American society over the years, and also where they shared a close relationship with one another. He even took notice of the artistic dimension of the assembly lines, which still is common practice to make the large cars Americans are known for!

Andy Warhol's painting

All of this will be a part of the ‘Warhol and Cars: American Icons’ collection, to be unveiled in Birmingham, Alabama, in June this year. Though majority of the artwork is dedicated to cars alone, a few of his iconic works like the repetitive Campbell Soup cans and Coca-Cola Bottles will also be shown. They are on a gamut of formats like line drawings, paintings, paper work, and archival material, created over a period of 4 decades.

Via: Live Auctioneers/ Mansfield Journal

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