AnnaLynne McCord | $ 2.5 Million
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United States
Net Worth $ 2.5 Million
AnnaLynne McCord
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Born on: 16th Jul 87 Born in: United States Marital status: Single Occupation: Actress
AnnaLynne McCord the famous American actress was born in America in the year of 1987. He was specially known for playing vixen type roles. McCord was first appeared in the big screen in the year of 2007 while she took a part of the scheming of Eden Lord which was FX television series of Nip/Tuck. Later she was appeared in the MyNetworkTV telenovela American Heiress. But her first appearance as an action figure was in the movie Transporter 2, later she played same fighting role in the action thriller Day of the Dead. In the year of 2008 she was played her role as a co actor in CW series 90210. Where she played the role of portraying against Naomi Clark, which was a supporting role. She was first nominated for Teen Choice Award in the year of 2009, in the same year she was also got the award of Hollywood Life Young Hollywood Superstar. In the year 2010 she again nominated for Breakthrough Standout Performance award, where she was nominated for Breakthrough of the Year Award category. Apart from acting in free times she usually involved herself to charities, this is a good sign of her personality. Height: 5’7” Weight: 111 lbs
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AnnaLynne McCord Brands (2)

Coat And Furry Winter Boots

AnnaLynne McCord

The star of 90210 was appeared in the set of her movie by wearing a coat and furry winter boots, where she seemed as a staple part of her outfit. This 24 years old actress was wore nothing in the down portion of her body, as her half body was entirely necked with that dress. In that same photo you can look her by strolling down the street with clutching an orange wallet in hand. She also wore a pair of black sunglass over her make up free face.

Green Gown

AnnaLynne McCord

This famous star was appeared in the set of 90210 by wearing a green color grown, where she was looking incredibly glamorous. The star was portrayed the character of Naomi Clark in that film. Whatever this was but it is true that she was looking like angles at that dress.

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