Anton Dynamics Inc. unveils the world’s first active suspension ski

Andrea Divirgilio / May 26, 2010

anton active suspension ski

Even though the ski season came to an end long back for most of the skiers, but those who have stayed back even after the end-of-season-parties, here’s a good chance to test the new suspension system for skis. Introduced by the inventor Anton Wilson, also known for his contributions in professional video-camera battery technology, this latest breakthrough in alpine technology offers the “stress-free sensation of flying” and “less fatigue on knees and body.” This revolutionary technology is being touted as “the world’s first active suspension ski” that features a suspension mechanism very similar to that of an automotive leaf spring with a ski binding attached on top. Offering three different models with prices starting at $2490, Anton Dynamics Inc. puts all the burden on your pockets to avoid your knees taking all the fatigue.

Via: Gear Junkie

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