Arcadian Audio’s Pnoe horn speakers scream high-end performance

Andrea Divirgilio / July 10, 2010

arcadian audio pnoe horn speakers

Here comes the latest entrant into the family of high-end luxury speakers. The “Pnoe” from the house of Arcadian Audio are uber-cool horn speakers that enjoy a smooth and round back loaded horn design. The company’s flagship Pnoe horn speakers are a result of 10 years of effort to design and realize a horn speaker without compromises. The speakers were designed with an aim to create the smoothest and roundest path for the sound wave front, while avoiding any obstructions. The Pnoe is made of fiberglass and special damping materials in the form of a sandwich. The exceptional horn speakers use the high quality AER MD3B driver. Pnoe is 100 db sensitive and has 16 Ohms impedance.

The Pnoe speaker, being a large horn, is a great option for rooms where the distance between the listener and the speakers is three meters or more. The single driver horn delivers dynamic, clear sound that will soothe the most demanding audiophiles. While the standard colors available for the horn body are charcoal black and ivory white, you can order the driver mount, grille and grille fabric in a variety of colors.

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