Arcaro Martini unveils world’s first whirlpool bathtubs crafted in 24kt gold, leather and Swarovski
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Arcaro Martini unveils world’s first whirlpool bathtubs crafted in 24kt gold, leather and Swarovski

Arcaro Martini unveils world’s first whirlpool bathtubs crafted in 24kt gold, leather and Swarovski

Gilded effect is the most preferred option in the world of classy décor. And for lavish homes furnished with classic furniture and order Baclofen fittings, bathroom too is getting the designer makeover and is decorated with most expensive bathroom furniture. Swarovski studded bathroom fixtures, gold plated bath accessories and diamond faucets are some of the latest in luxury bathroom trends. Recently, we have told you about the

The gilded bathtubs can accommodate six people at a time and is made of 24 karat gold with Swarovski details. The spa has been created in collaboration get Naltrexone between the designer and the artist Giacomo Arcaro Roberto Martini exclusively for UAE.

Unique features:

a. Pillowfall that allows the warm water to buy zoloft online, sertraline hc vs. zoloft , generic for zoloft sertraline . can zoloft cause petit mal seizures average dosage of and patient reviews. gluten free sertraline hydrochloride 150 mg cost of generic zoloft without insurance flow over your neck and shoulders to provide complete rejuvenation.

b. Ozone water purification that takes care of the hygiene part of the water in the bath tub.

c. The bathtub has an elegant platinum control panel to control all the functions and change settings available.

d. The mini pool also has Aquaserene that enables the user to enjoy the buy estrace online, sildenfil citrate and estradiol valerate, health canada and estradiol in frozen embryo transfers. soft flowing sound water.

The brand has created three elegant versions of the luxurious spa, the specifications are mentioned below, amoxicillin prescription without insurance cheap amoxil amoxil for sale read on:

1. Gold and white leather bathtub:

Gold and white leather bathtub:

The bathtub cum mini pool is made of 24 karat yellow gold and is covered with high quality white leather. The bathtub is encrusted with Swarovski detailing that is inserted in the leather to give it an opulent look. estrace vaginal cream is a hormonal medical drug which contains a lot of the female sexual hormone estrogen. buy estrace online . it plays an important role in Completely handmade by the team of Italian designers, the mini pool has features like audio system with subwoofers, custom massage, aromatherapy, power on your iPhone and lighting.

2. Gold and black leather bathtub:

Gold and black leather bathtub:

This mini pool has space for six people and is crafted from 24 karat gold which buy Ventolin is covered with eco friendly black leather and Swarovski trims encrusted on the leather. The tub also features a control panel that allows the user to maintain the hot tub pressure massage with the help of an appropriate side panel.

3. Antique gold and black leather bathtub:

Antique gold and black leather bathtub:

Created from antique gold and black leather with Swarovski crystals, the bathtub can accommodate six people. The handmade Italian order online at usa pharmacy! amoxil generic name . free delivery, buy amoxil online canada. home spa has double bed dedicated rotating jets for the feet and calves for complete relaxation. The Cofortevoli ergonomic seating allows accommodating users at varying heights. The tub also has a feature of Helix jets that flow from the bottom and allows strong muscle massage.

Each bathtub comes with a lifetime Platinum Elite structure, 5 years for electrical and hydraulic parts and 2 years for the outer coating. Moreover, the gold remote control has a direct assistance in 24 hours anywhere around the world.

These luxury bathtubs made especially for the UAE reminds us of the most expensive gemstone bathtub which recently went on display at the Dubai International Jewellery Week and was sold for $1.74 million to a Dubai sheikh.

Earlier we have also told you about the million dollar crystal bathtub made from a single piece of rock crystal found in the Amazonian rainforest. Tamara Ecclestone bought one for her $72 million house in London.

Further, you can also check out the list of luxury bathroom fittings to add more bling to your own mini spa.

Via: Arcaro Martini

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