Architectural chandelier shower is a chandelier and shower all-in-one

Andrea Divirgilio / September 27, 2011

Architectural chandelier ceiling shower

When luxury and technology combine, they do make a rather hedonistic combination indeed, especially with things like bathroom fixtures. We earlier saw some hi-tech luxurious fittings such as the colorful Virgin shower head, the musical Dornbracht shower, and the touch-screen steam-shower by Aquagate. Taking a more ‘Ala Grande’ turn is the Architectural chandelier shower, which combines the imposing presence of a classic chandelier, and the shower head for your bathing space.

Combining functionality and grand appeal like never before, the Architectural chandelier shower truly brightens up and changes the ambience of your bathing space. The centre head of the structure is a stainless steel unit which dispenses water in a soothing pattern, while each of the crystal hanging units have LED lightings of a single white color. Switch them on during your evening or night showers, and experience will indeed be different from what you ever had before.

Architectural chandelier ceiling shower

The chandelier shower is a part of the collection by designer Marcel Wanders, which has been named ‘The Wanders Collection’. Though the series provides numerous options for designer fittings, but the highlight still remains towards this unique showerhead. The pricing or availability hasn’t been made public as yet, but I guess the takers for it, will belong to those who have the space and the taste for grandeur of their bathroom décor. So much for having a good old shower!

Via: Archiportale

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