Ariel Atom’s full immersion racing simulator offers seamless 7 million-pixel screen experience

Andrea Divirgilio / May 4, 2012

Over the times, we have seen various car racing simulators that combines state-of-the-art technology with cutting-edge design to deliver the ultimate and most realistic simulation experience. Designed to fulfill the wish of avid motor-racing enthusiasts to drive to the crazy limits, without the fear of receiving a speeding ticket, these high-tech machines sets the adrenaline pumping. Now, the company Motion Simulation Ltd. is offering its TL 1 racing, flight and first-person-shooter simulator, which is designed, and produced in the United Kingdom in cooperation with the Ariel Motor Company, best known for creating the world’s fastest car, the Ariel Atom.

Ariel Atom Simulator TL 1 Interior

Housing the world’s first ever portable 180-degree spherical projector screen and cockpit with variable driving positions, this simulator appeals to varied users, including gaming enthusiasts, professional racing drivers and those seeking the extremely realistic simulation experience available. It provides a truly non-compromised simulation experience, while running three ultra high-definition projectors, projecting a single image with 7 million-pixel resolution. Providing 180 degree vision and measuring 2-meters wide, user will get to experience a total realism.

Ariel Atom Simulator TL 1 Front View

Further, the unique seating system also rotates to go from iconic Touring and GT sports car positions and up to the extreme seating angles of a Eurofighter, or a F1 racing car. The TL 1 simulator fully replicates the driving experience, down to road’s every bump, as it comes equipped with the world’s best simulation software titles including the laser scanned racing circuits. In addition, it is compatible with PC and gaming consoles, including Xbox 360 and PS3.

And, to get to experience the realistic simulation in the world’s first fully immersive simulator, buyers have to splash out a total of $18,600 just for the screen and seat only and the 106″-wide HD screen version retails for $65,000.

Ariel Atom Simulator TL 1

Unfortunately, there’s no video available on Ariel Atom Simulator yet, but one can can watch the on-board footage from the Motion Simulation TL1 simulator, driving a V8 Touring car at Oulton Park.

Via: Autoblog

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