Ariel Atom
Ariel Atom | $ 52,000
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Ariel Atom

Ariel Atom

What makes you love superbikes? Is it their zooming past performance? Or, is it the wind that whirls through your hair; or, is it the chauvinistic attitude of naked bare bone. Answer could be a mix of all these and many more!


Now be ready to get all these from a four-wheeled. The name is Ariel Atom. It clocks top speed of 250 km/h; and, don’t worry, it’s street-legal. Though, price-wise an Atom will fit in couple of Ducati, or couple of Harley Fatboy, or a limited edition Confederate Hellcat. It starts, roughly, at $52480.


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As an exoskeleton car with open-wheel, Atom can accommodate an extra person other than driver. You can witness every single move of front two wheels while driving. Top end Atom comes with an integrated function steering. For safety, you get racing grade 6-point harness seat belt and bucket seat.


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Ariel Atom is an exoskeleton car with completely visible chassis. You don’t get any roof, window or curvy body line. Even, the windshield comes as an optional feature, just like your naked body racing bike. The idea is to keep the weight to minimum. Atom 3, the base level, weighs only 612 kg or 1350 lb. It’s just 3410 mm long, slightly stretched than Daimler’s Smart Fortwo. With open-wheels, it’s around 1800 mm wide. Atom sports inboard suspension and braking, which makes handling the car quite comfortable, even, when you overdrive. Suspension is fully adjustable and can take on any kind of deflection.

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