Arnold & Son’s Time Pyramid defines British horological mastery

Andrea Divirgilio / March 10, 2013

Though watch-making has been largely a Swiss arena of expertise, but the way the British come up with their works here, is something to truly admire and take genuine note of. Arnold & Son his one such brand from the European nation, which has displayed their expertise from time to time and that too with considerable aplomb. We recall 3 distinctive such works, including the Instrument collection, Royal collection, and also the DBS watch. This time around, they have bought in the Time Pyramid watch, which sports a company developed movement which shapes up like a pyramid for a very distinctive version of aesthetics. Also, this timepiece will be included in the instrument collection, thus growing wider with each set of creations.

Arnold & Son Time pyramid watch

The Time Pyramid draws inspiration from history dating back to a couple of centuries ago, when John & Roger Arnold used to make regulators of their own accord. Picking up cues from other skeleton oriented British creations, these craftsmen then took their ideas to the La Chaux-de-Fonds unit in Switzerland and developed their own distinctive horological movements. The instrument collection in particular focused had its own style of dials, and the method of displaying the complexities of the movement inside.

The Time Pyramid is known to have a mechanical hand wound movement with 27 jewels as a part of its structure. The dial happens to be 37mm wide and 4.4 mm thick, and the engine inside has a beating rate of 21,600 VPH and a corresponding reserve of up to 80 hours. This powers functionality like hours, minutes, seconds, and double power reserve indicators. The casing is an 18k rose gold unit with cambered sapphire crystal anti-reflective coating on both sides of the transparent dial. The finishing is a rhodium coated ‘haute horologerie’ finish, and can stand water up to 30 metres of depth. The strap is the optional brown or black hand-stitched alligator leather.

Arnold & Son Time pyramid skeleton clock

The other interesting format of time keeping, is the British Skeleton watch which sports a balance wheel at 12 o’clock, situated directly beneath the palette and the anchor wheel. At the opposite end of the movement, at 6 o’clock, lay two mainspring barrels that supply the hand-wound caliber with an amazing 80 hours of power reserve, and provide a more constant force to the wheel train. The gear train runs vertically in a linear format connecting the two barrels at 6 o’clock to the balance wheel at twelve o’clock, and endowing the movement with its pyramid structure. The bridges are designed so that all of the wheels, the two mainspring barrels, the escapement and balance wheel are all magnificently visible from the dial side. In this case, the subsidiary seconds dial on the bottom, the hour indications on a sapphire crystal dial in the middle level, and a silver top ring for the minutes indication. The hand polished edges and chamfered brides of the timepiece are sure to cajole some of the collectors into reaching out for one of these.

Via: Arnold & Son

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