Art Motion TV art frames are perfect for ever decor

Andrea Divirgilio / January 31, 2012

When ultra-sophisticated and minimalistic wall mounted TV cabinet, like the Acerbis Media case, doesn’t do it for you anymore, the next option could obviously be something like the Art Motion’s “Framed in paradise” collection by David Miller, that made its debut at CES. Opting for this would convert your otherwise plain jane TV set into a modern and rather aesthetic painting on the wall, which would add to the final décor and overall ambiance of your drawing room. While the television remains not in use, it’s going to be more of a modern wall painting, and on the other hand, when one wishes to see it, it still remains very attractive art piece on that part of the wall. There are also some attractive customizations on offer too!

Artmotion TV frames

It woks with virtually any mounting system.It woks with virtually any mounting system.It woks with virtually any mounting system.For those looking to beautify the walls of their drawing rooms on their personal AV space, Art Motion provides multiple customization options, where the buyers could select from a whole range of designs, and fabrics according to their tastes and décor. For this very reason, these frames have been divided into 3 categories: Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate version. Beginning with the standard, which happens to be simplest of options for pre-installed TV Sets, simply affixes the special frame on the borders with the help the help of 4 twist locks, which hold the TV in place. It woks with virtually any mounting system. Prices for this option could range from $800 for a 37-inch TV set to $1,800 for a 65-incher.

ArtMotion TV Frame

Next is the Deluxe version which replaces other mounting solutions, and are specially meant for flush mounting. The deluxe version is the superior choice for ease of install and rear access. Using the wiring and media options at the back of the TV panel, the frame uses its patented French cleat design, where the TV is fixed between 2 flat panels, which can be accessed by a single operation of the hand and opening it for later needs. Ideal for flash mounting, the back panel of the frame is fixed to the wall with the help of studs before placing the TV in between and accessing its wires. After the TV gets placed, being inclining on the front frame, the unit is then closed to come together as the final wall mounted frame. The signature design from this range is the David Linley window, which creates an illusion of an open window. This version is available in a variety of colors and can be customized to fit your decor. The price range in this set up should cost between $1,400-2,700.

ArtMotion TV Frame

The most premier of the lot is the Ultimate version. It’s a complete home entertainment solution designed to hide the auxillary sound systems in your Deluxe art frame. Ideally meant for those who wish to add to their room’s décor without showing off all their speakers and the wiring, this art frame comes integrated with a 10 speaker audio system powered by a 1000 watt amplifier, without the separate need to buy any multimedia devices. Only available for 55inches or larger televisions. Meant for sizes of 46-inches and above, the pricing is pegged between $2,800- $4,650.

Via: ArtMotion

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