Artcoustic to step up the volume war with new modular speaker range

Andrea Divirgilio / June 8, 2010

artcoustic wall mounted loudspeaker systems 1

With the advancements in high-end audio, the new generation of audiophiles are happily trading fidelity for portability. However, for those ears that are fine tuned, the manufacturer of the wall-mounted loudspeaker systems – Artcoustic — has launched new modular speakers with upgrades in its subwoofer range. Featuring 4 new models, Artcoustic’s Modular Satellite at just H250mm x W78mm x D52mm is the smallest and most affordable speaker the manufacturer has ever produced. The new models come with an upgrade to their subwoofer range, including the popular Panel Subwoofer and Spitfire Subwoofer. With the proposed launch of its new range of hidden wall-mount speakers at the CEDIA Home Technology Event later this month, Artcoustic is sure to step up the so-called volume war.

artcoustic wall mounted loudspeaker systems 2

Via: Hidden Wires/Cine Now

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