Artisitc heated lounger integrates a speaker system, hooks iPod

Andrea Divirgilio / April 14, 2009

heated lounger1
If a spa is your means of achieving nirvana then consider splurging on the spa furniture to relieve yourself of the worldly stress just about any time of the day rather than accumulating it till you have got a weekend to spare for a spa visit. The new wellness furniture that joins the list is the stunning Heated Lounger from Bradford Products. The ergonomically designed and fully tiled lounge seats feature an internal radiating heat system set to a comfortable 102°F. These spa loungers boast great aesthetics and utility value with custom configurations: fully tiled using customer’s own choice of tile patterns and designs (personally, I would prefer an upholstered version – there’s none though currently). And it features transducer speaker system which resonates sound throughout the lounger body with no visible speakers or wires, iPod connectivity, hidden thermostat control (takes about 30 minutes to achieve set temperature up to 104°F), and integrated accent lighting. The stainless steel construction renders it suitable for both indoors and outdoors and you can even get it customized to accommodate your spouse. Bradford offers a full range of residential bathroom furniture to choose from, with the added benefit of custom design and fabrication. So if you enjoy anything specifically then you can choose for your own well-being. A perfect match with Kamado’s ceramic grill – if you own one.

Via: BradfordProducts

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