Ascari A10
Ascari A10 | $ 650,000
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Ascari A10

Ascari A10

The crown jewel of the British company Ascari Cars, the Ascari A10 was a production that commemorated the 10th anniversary of the company. Conceived by Klaas Zwart, the Dutch millionaire, and designed by Paul Brown, an ex-F1 engineer, the super sports car is the evolutionary high-point of the KZ1-R GT race car. In december 2007, BBC's Top Gear featured the A10 and Jeremy Clarkson went gaga over the car calling it a car which was as staggering as the Koenigsegg but a million times more manageable! The two-door coupe has a rear-mid engine and a rear-wheel-drive layout. For the power and luxury that it packs, the car arrives at a reasonable expense of $650,000.


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The interiors in the A10 have been designed for functional and riding excellence. It becomes hard to point a finger at anything! It is very neat and devoid of clutter. It exudes the calm of a cockpit without the hundreds of buttons and switches. The gauges and meters sit on the dashboard shaped like headlamps of the 1980s cars. The display is clear and lighted. The seats make you fill into them and cushion you against any bumps in the journey. These seats are very light in weight and have been made specially for racing. The air bags and seatbelts offer effective care in case of an accident. The climate control system in the car is regulated via futuristic knobs and switches. Its vents are shaped like airplane engines.


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The styling is very similar to its cousin, the KZ1-R GT race car. However, it looks far more masculine and hot! The gracefully sloping bonnet is flanked by humped boundaries which end in headlamps. The headlamps arrive in sets of three. The multi-pronged stars that form its wheel rims lend it a kind of dazzle. However, the coolest parts of the car are its sides which seem to have a kind of step board. The rear has meshed louvres to keep the car cool. It also makes the car look cool! The curvy wing has been constituted with carbon fiber to give a sexy touch along with an aerodynamic edge. The radiator which has been relocated to a central position adds to the freshness of the styling.

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