Ashton Kutcher’s mobile home by Anderson Mobile Estates costs $2M
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Ashton Kutcher’s mobile home by Anderson Mobile Estates costs $2M

Ashton Kutcher’s mobile home by Anderson Mobile Estates costs $2M
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Ashton Kutcher luxury trailor

Since the uber-rich and stylish have started to carry their world with them, it comes as no surprise of the luxury features that these new mobile homes or the caravans have, while taking their VIP owner for tours and movie shootings. We earlier showed you some examples such as the Modular Solar Caravan, Next Gen Series 2 International 684, and 2011 Monaco Vesta 32 PBS coach. Joining and competing in the league is ‘The Heat’ Anderson Mobile Estate for Ashton Kutcher, which costs a steep $2 million and has an automated double storey order Aciclovir generic zoloft cost without insurance zoloft price in the philippines buy Sertraline mechanism with it.

The mobile estate in concern is a total of 53 ft in length and is 13 ft 6 inches high when closed and 17 feet when opened, and weighs in the neighborhood of 70 tones. This luxury caravan has a total space of around 1100 sq ft, of which 603 sq ft space is on the main lower deck and 340 sq ft on upper retractable floor. Very interestingly, the whole process of raising the upper floor takes close to 30 seconds only, after which Mr. Kutcher is ready for taking it for his journey. The upper floor has numerous flexibilities considering its functioning, such as collapsible oak-wood walls and foldable furniture when the space isn’t in use. Amenities include 2 bathrooms, living area, bedrooms, conference space and also the retractable Hollywood style spiral staircase which connects the floors, and never the least, the fully equipped order misoprostol online kitchen. For entertainment and security there are 7 plasma screens situated at different parts of the mobile estate. On approaching the vehicle, all audio inside lowers in volume, and the cameras fitted outside give a 360 degree view of who or what’s happening to the passengers inside.

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What also creates the royal ambience inside the trailer is the extensive polished oak-wood work on the walls, and the generous polished granites Ordering Cialis and marbles in the kitchen counters and the bathroom insides. A ride in this luxury caravan virtually is like travelling in a miniature mansion, pure Hollywood style, and Ashton Kutcher is sure enjoying it. Any other taker for this one?

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