Aston Martin’s bespoke Centenary Edition Vanquish represents celebration of the automaker’s 100-year history

Andrea Divirgilio / January 16, 2013

Founded back in 1913 by Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin as ‘Bamford & Martin Ltd’, the iconic British sports car brand Aston Martin, which is known for designing stylish hand-built sports cars with highly competitive performance aspects, has now launched its year of centenary celebrations with a return to its roots. The luxury brand marked the start of its birthday celebrations on January 15th with the unveiling of a bespoke, special, new Centenary Edition of its ultimate GT, the Vanquish. Representing an exclusive new celebration of the automaker’s 100-year history, the Centenary Edition Vanquish boasts an exceptional graduated paint finish, a hallmark, and sterling silver Aston Martin wing badges. However, the opportunity to own and enjoy such an incredible piece of Aston Martin’s rich heritage has been made ultra-exclusive as only 100 examples of this machine will be produced.

Aston Martin debuts a bespoke new Centenary Edition Vanquish

Designed to be identified on the inside by its ultra-luxury treatment, this bespoke Centenary Edition Vanquish boasts deep soft black leather, previously featured in legendary and the most expensive car One-77, with contrasting silver stitching. Further, there’s special silver-thread embroidery of the brand’s iconic wings logo in the head restraints, and the sterling silver sill plaques are numbered with brand’s hallmark.

Aston Martin debuts a bespoke new Centenary Edition Vanquish

Further, each Centenary Edition will come with an exclusive presentation box containing a number of unique gifts, including 2 glass keys, 2 bespoke key pouches crafted meticulously from leather matching the car’s interior trim, solid silver cufflinks, solid silver rolerball pen and high quality Bang & Olufsen headphones, along with a silver polishing cloth which ensures the sill plaques and wing badges on the machine keep their shining luster, forever.

Aston Martin debuts a bespoke new Centenary Edition Vanquish

Notably, the unique graduated paint finish is meticulously built by adding special ‘tinters’ to create the darker inner color, and this custom-made mixture is then applied to each panel by hand, using a special mini-jet spray gun.

Aston Martin debuts a bespoke new Centenary Edition Vanquish

The Centenary Edition Vanquish is now available to order. However, the price is only obtainable on application at Aston Martin’s premier 146 dealers across the 46 countries.

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