Aston Martin’s Limited Edition One-77 Cycle with Factor Bikes will cost $39,000

Andrea Divirgilio / June 23, 2012

After completely selling out its most advanced and the most expensive car Aston Martin One-77, the British automaker of luxury sports car has now teamed up with Factor Bikes, a bicycle manufacturer born from the commitment to speed and innovation through engineering, to offer its discerning clients with the two-wheeled version of the iconic One-77 Coupe. Described to be the world’s most technologically advanced road bicycle, the One-77 Cycle boast a high-tech computer system which underpins the claim, and it also uses loads of carbon fiber to keep the weight as low as possible, similarly like the One-77 supercar.

Aston Martin's Limited Edition One-77 Cycle with Factor Bikes will cost $39,000

The One-77 bikes’ computer uses a complex array of sensors, including a rear-wheeled sensor, GPS and a crank position sensor, taking the performance analysis will beyond the speed and distance measurements of other systems. The computer system will deliver the cyclist a menu of over 100 specific measurements, including crank torque, crank force and leg power, all broken down into right and left legs. And, some of the other measurements include the wasted leg power, rear wheel speed, acceleration, and rate of ascent. In other words, it can be described as, in the form of a bicycle, it’s akin to sports laboratory.

Aston Martin's Limited Edition One-77 Cycle with Factor Bikes will cost $39,000

This light-weight One-77 bike crafted with the extensive use of carbon-fiber features frame, fork and handlebars, all made from the ultra-lightweight composite material. Additionally, an integrated lighting system with high-intensity front LED and rear red LEDs will keep the cyclist fully prepared for rides in low-light conditions.

Aston Martin's Limited Edition One-77 Cycle with Factor Bikes will cost $39,000

Apparently, this technologically advanced bike is available at a price of $39,000, and those who feel like riding this bike as soon as possible, can inquire the Factor Bikes. But, the interested buyers should highly note that only 77 examples of this bicycle will be produced.

However, it’s not new to see the luxury automaker Aston Martin to craft something other than sports cars, earlier we have seen the Aston Martin office furniture collection to make the office as stylish as the car and the ‘Aston Martin Drive me Home Interiors’ furniture collection.

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Via: FactorBikes / TorontoStandard

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