The Astor Suite at the Plaza is the most expensive rental in New York City at $165,000 a month
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The Astor Suite at the Plaza is the most expensive rental in New York City at $165,000 a month

The Astor Suite at the Plaza is the most expensive rental in New York City at $165,000 a month

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768, 5th Avenue, Central Park South, New York, United States- 10019


$165,000 a month


Set over some of New York’s most posh areas for real estate, the Astor Suite is meant for the blue-blooded lot of guests, which in the past have included the likes of President John F Kennedy, the Vanderbilt family, and also the Astors. Currently owned by Jurgen Friedrich, the boss of Espirit in Europe, a lot of attention and resources have gone into replicating as much of the Windsor castle as possible within this suite. Whether it’s the handcrafted artifacts or the very traditional British upholstery with matching carved furniture, or even the 14-foot high ceilings, a lot from royal English household has been bought in, with a few elements from modern minimalistic elements. On the divisional front, there are the 4-bedrooms apart from the guest room, 6 bathrooms, meeting and dining area, private library, and the living room, which have all been spread over an area of 5,087 sq.ft. The external patio too makes for a breathtaking view as well.


4 host bedrooms and 6 bathrooms including guest room, living room, kitchen, and rear-patio are the main areas of the suite. The master bedroom has been given a special canopy bed, with fixtures casted in yellow gold. Apart from appearing very classical, it features some modern technology features such as the integrated electronic control system which governs functions like humidification level, temperature control, lighting, and even the high-end entertainment system including TV and music system, all through an especially designated iPad. Just in case one needs to soak in some knowledge, the extensive wood worked library from Oxford offers some quiet space for reading, and enjoying the coziness of a warm fireplace, which is also seen in the other rooms. The carved artwork on them seems just as eye-appealing as well.

Astor Suite kitchen, master bedroom and library

Facts and figures

· Distinguished guests include President John F Kennedy, the Astor family, Vanderbilt family to name a few.

· Is spread over an area of 5,087 sq ft with 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room, and conference area.

· Most of the fabrication and décor used in the suite has been imported such the wall designs from France, and Oakwood from Oxford.

· Currently owned by Jurgen Frierich, who bought the suite for $25 million in 2007, and then investing a lot in décor.

Via: Curbed/ CNN

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