Ateliers Gohard dresses-up Fusion Convertible Pool table in gold

Andrea Divirgilio / April 17, 2012

For years, dining room table have been an design object available in all shapes, style and materials, but basically remaining a mono-functional serving as a table to dine only. Reforming the mono-functionality of furniture, many manufacturers have already created designs that look elegant and are also useful in one or the other ways. We have earlier told you about the Fusion Table, a designer pool table disguised as dining room table, besides the top 5 convertible pool tables for luxury homes, which are not meant to stay idle even when you’re not enjoying a pool tournament at your home, but will serve as a fulsome dining table as well. And, the latest we have is the Fusion Gold Limited Edition, a very limited edition of the famous Fusion Table concept of contemporary dining pool table.

Fusion Gold Limited Edition pool table

Dressed-up in gold by the renowned Ateliers GOHARD, Paris, this luxurious gold leaf convertible pool table boasts a master work of patience and love by experienced craftsmen. As it is carefully covered with 400 placed golden leaves of 22.5-carats, the Fusion Gold offers the impressions of rare elegance, unique design and a prestigious finish. Further, everything is possible for a Fusion Gold owner; one can entirely customize the tops, white or black coating or tailored to the customer’s wishes, the cloth finishing available in large selection of colors along with or without logo or pattern.

Fusion Gold Limited Edition pool table

Via: Pro9

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