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The Atholl is Scotland’s most expensive luxury hotel

Andrea Divirgilio / May 1, 2012

Even in the times of economic turmoil when the Britain’s economy officially slid into the ‘double-dip recession’ since the 1970s, Scotland now stands as the host to ‘The Atholl’, widely hailed as the most expensive hotel in the country. Located in the heart of Edinburgh’s plush New Town, The Atholl promises to offer unimaginable luxury to high-heeled travelers who love to lead opulent lifestyles, whatsoever. Designed to make the discerning guests feel at home in a luxury apartment- inspired interiors, rather than in a hotel, The Atholl wants to be recognized as the ultimate luxury vacation spot for the world’s most affluent travelers.

The Atholl, Edinburgh

This majestic and luxurious hotel with its unique level of hospitality and bespoke elegance, stands at par with the some of the most exotic hotels. The Atholl offers a world-class bespoke menu service with unmatched in-suite dining, further combined with in-room wine cellars which features some of the greatest wines of the world.

Chef Mike Mathieson preparing some of the finest cuisines.

With ‘privacy’ as the driving factor, The Atholl is all about hospitality, as the guests at this luxurious hotel check-in straight to their very own private suites, eliminating the need to wait at public lobbies or seen by anyone else. The hotel offers its high-heeled guests with a variety of uber-luxurious accommodation in its four spectacular and plush suites, named Palmerston, Cluny, Abercromby and Dundonald, with each one featuring a 60-inch 3D TV in the lounge area. Priced $1,620 to $4,050, each of the luxurious four suites has its own dining room and a personal chef, specially trained by Albert Henri Roux, a Michelin three star chef with his first venture north of border.

Bedroom in one of the suites

For $1,620 a night, the Palmerston suite comes equipped with state-of-the-art Bulthaup kitchen which is designed by Cameron Interiors based in Glasgow. Whereas, the suite Abercromby feature an outdoor fireplace and hot-tub along with a private garden designed by Laurent Perrier Chelsea Flower-award winner, Luciano Giubbilei. Further, the Dundonald suite is designed for the whiskey lovers, as it comes complete with its own whiskey tasting room, starting at $65 per dram.

The Atholl, Edinburgh

Guests will get to rest on the bed linens designed by Peter Reed, one of the Britain’s longest standing textile manufacturers. And, to help take the strain off the tired feet of guests, the hotel offers super soft designer rugs by Turkish firm Stepevi, which is worth $4,860 upwards.

The Atholl, Edinburgh

Set amid the Georgian splendor of Atholl Crescent, the hotel boasts a combination of space, luxury and privacy which has already started attracting the guests and corporate clients.

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Via: DeadlineNews / The Atholl

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