Atif Aslam | $ 22 Million
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Atif Aslam Net Worth

Net Worth $ 22 Million
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Born on: 12th Mar 84 Born in: Pakistan Marital status: Married Occupation: Singer-songwriter, actor, guitarist
Atif Aslam  net worth is estimated at $22 million.  Atif, known for his vocal belting technique is a Pakistani pop singer and film actor. Atif Aslam  net worth came from his numerous chart-topping songs as a singer and from his film and TV appearances as an actor. He began singing when he was in college and had his first recording single, “Aadat” which went viral online in a matter of weeks. Atif Aslam  net worth began to accumulate when on July 17, 2004, he released his debut album, Jal pari with which several of its singles became major hits and charted across countries in the subcontinent. His other two solo albums including "Doorie" & "Meri Kahani" were also a massive success selling over 9 million units worldwide. Atif later began his international tour in the US and Canada and had his debut concert in New Jersey in 2008. These act became icing on the cake to Atif Aslam  net worth. His talent and popularity has won him several international awards when his songs were featured in an American Independent film, Man Push Cart. In 2011 he started his foray in the film industry debuting in a Pakistani film, Bol which was a huge success. These foray augmented Atif Aslam  net worth in return.
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Atif Aslam Wedding (1)

Atif and Sara were married on in Lahore on March 29, 2013. Their wedding and Daavat-e-Walima was attended by family, relatives and celebrities from all across Pakistan. Sarah wore a white gown while Atif wore a body-fitting suit.

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